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Just2Trade registration

If you have chosen the Just2Trade broker, follow the registration steps below.

Step 1

Enter the Just2Trade website and click the “APPLY” button.

Then, go to the registration page. Fill in all the fields and click “Next step”. At this point a manager may call you and ask whether you are going to fill in the form and what you are going to trade.

Step 2

Fill in the form with your data as per sample. Field “TIN” is required.

Step 3

In the “Contact info” section fill in the address which confirms your place of residence, then you will need to upload one of the documents. Click “Next step” at the bottom of the form.

Fill in the “Economic profile” section, according to your data, income and objectives.

Click “Next step”.

In “Trading account data” section select Forex and CFD in USD currency. Study “Customer’s statements and guarantees” and tick the box to confirm.

Step 4

If you are unable to upload the documents at this stage, you can do it later after filling in the whole form. NOTICE! Manager will not approve the form without the documents!

Tick the boxes where necessary after you study laws and regulations. Click “I agree” to send the form for the processing. You will also receive an email.

You will also receive an email:

Step 5

If you have not uploaded the documents, then after some time you will receive a letter to your email. In case these documents are not enough, you will receive another letter asking you to add another document from the list to confirm your identity.

After the documents and the form are processed, you will receive a confirmation email. Registration completed successfully, a trading account has been created. The email will include the login and password for entering the Personal section.

You will also receive the access email (login and password) for the account.

Step 6

Enter the Personal section, using login and password from the letter.

You will be redirected to the "Personal data" section to change your password. If the page does not appear after logging in, go to your Personal Account by clicking on your full name in the upper right corner (next to the bell) and save the changes (without this the system will not let you go further).

You can change personal data later at any time if necessary (change of surname, place of residence, etc.).

Step 7

Next, click “My accounts” and then click “Replenish”. Replenish the account in a way convenient for you with 300 USD. Without the balance replenishment the bot will not launch.

Registration completed successfully. We will use the account number for the registration in the Happy Hamster app at the stage of adding an account.

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