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Is Happy Hamster a broker?

No, Happy Hamster only provides bots for trading via Forex brokers.

Do bots require set up?

The bots are already set up. The only settings available are turning bot on and off.

How to add a bot in the app?

Go to the "Bots" section in the app and click the "+" icon.

Bots are initially configured for the specified deposit amount.

What brokers does the Happy Hamster work with?

Happy Hamster works with Just2Trade, FxPro and Roboforex for now.

When does Happy Hamster charge the commission fee?

The commission fee is charged when the amount of profit reaches approx. 25$

What happens if there are not sufficient funds on the card?

The bot will continue working for 3 days, after that it stops working. You will need to close the opened positions manually on the broker side.

How is the commission fee calculated?

Happy Hamster takes a 20% commission fee off every $25 of your income to the card that you have linked at the registration in the app. I.e: when the bot profit reaches $25, on the same day 20% of these $25 (which is $5) will be charged.

The next fee will be when you earn another $25 and that 20% will be charged from them again, which is $5.

How can I withdraw my first income? How much can I withdraw?

You can withdraw your money by entering the personal section of the broker you have registered with (i.e., the withdrawal of money occurs from the brokerage account, and not from the app). Contact your broker for the acceptable withdrawal threshold.

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