What is Happy Hamster?

Happy Hamster app is a convenient trading platform, a perfect solution for beginners. No need to enter any settings, the bots are already set up and require no involvement.

Important to know: trading bots have long been used by both traders and large companies. Bots are an automated platform that provides services for creating and managing personal investments, and at the moment they are the most technologically advanced investment option.

For now Happy Hamster supports two large proven brokers – Just2Trade, FxPro and Roboforex.

What are the advantages of using Happy Hamster?

  • Bots are fully autonomous, no set up needed.

  • You can monitor your income online.

  • Each bot has the detailed statistics available: calculation of annual profit, active and closed deals, etc.

  • Possibility to close the deal on your own.

How to get started with Happy Hamster?

First, you need to register on the website of one of the brokers - Just2Trade, FxPro or Roboforex and open an account.

Registration manual can be found here:

Roboforex registrationJust2Trade registration

Then you need to download the Happy Hamster app from the App Store or Google Play Market and register by using the brokerage account number.

The manual also includes a short video of the registration process. Watch here:

Registration in the Happy Hamster app

Next, after some time you will see the bot’s working process, calculation of annual profit, and other indicators on the dashboard.

Income and commissions

You will be getting income on a brokerage account in the app, which can be withdrawn to the card that you have linked at the registration.

Happy Hamster charges a commission fee of 20% off the profits earned by the bots only when your bot-earned income reaches $25.

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