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FxPro registration

To get started, you need to register at the FxPro website.

Step 1

Enter the requested data.

Next go to the page with the additional data:

Fill in the residential address in Latin characters.

Fill in the occupation and financial sufficiency sections:

At the Financial info step select Forex CDF trading and specify that you are not a US citizen.

Step 2

At the Trading experience step fill in your experience, if you have any. If you have never traded before, follow the steps from the pic.

Next you need to take the trading knowledge test – fill in the fields.

Step 3

If the test is passed, you will proceed to the trading account selection page. Select MT4 in USD.

After that you will need to confirm your identity in two ways: one of the documents and a selfie (identification with the photo of the document).

Go to the Account section and replenish the balance. Minimal replenishment amount must be equal to the deposit required to launch the selected bot in the app.

You will receive an email with the number, password and server of the trading account to your e-mail, these data will be required to connect the FxPro broker, in the Hamster Narru application. The account balance must be replenished by at least $ 300. The robot will not start without replenishing the balance.

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